Books, Dogs, Dreams, and Excrement

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My daughter wants a German Shepherd, but she isn’t going to get one.

I’ve always tried to talk to Syd like she was a person. At 9 years old, I think she appreciates it.

The other morning at breakfast, she asked me if she could have a German Shepherd.

Before we go any further, we have a very strict no pets policy at our house. (She has a snake, but it doesn’t count. You only have to feed it once a week or so, and you don’t have to get a sitter if you go out of town.)

Pets are for her mother’s house.

Anyway, Syd said she was wishing really hard for a German Shepherd.

Now instead of just saying no, I started laughing a lot, remembering something my grandpa used to tell me.

“Puppy,” he would say. (He nicknamed all the grandkids. I was the oldest and called Puppy for some reason.)

“Puppy. Wish in one hand, and shit in the other. See which one fills up first.”  -Papaw Bill Lake

My daughter gets me… and she knows I wasn’t laughing at her. Although she was pissed about the pet negotiation not going her way.

I told her what I was thinking about and she looked disgusted and said, “Dad, don’t say shit. That’s gross.”

I nearly peed my pants.

Like I said before, I've always tried to talk to her like an adult, and she knows that there is language that is not appropriate for kids, especially outside of the home.

But sometimes, it’s just too funny :)

Syd is awesome, and she’s in 3rd grade now and reads at a sixth grade level!

I think a big reason for that is that she has access to all the books she’d like.

And she OWNS books.

I love libraries, but kids owning books is important.

We have spent over a decade getting over a million books into the hands of kids that need them in our local area and around the country.

And we couldn't have done it all without the support of our great customers.

Hope to see you at one of our book sales or, if you aren't local, you can help support us by shopping at our online store.

-Greg Murphy


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