Giving Old Books New Life

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Most of the books that we get into our warehouse are books from thrift stores that we buy 20 tons at a time.

Many people believe that all the stuff donated to a thrift store is used at that location, but the majority of donations are either in too bad of shape to use and are discarded, or they are sold in bulk to folks like me.

The thrifts then use that money to fund their programs to help folks.

If we didn’t buy these books, many of them would be recycled and turned into dollar store toilet paper and insulation and maybe even cardboard.

So we are good at rehoming books.

And we want to do the same for yours if you are local to sunny Dayton, Ohio.

Our upcoming Booksale is at

3472 Successful Way
Dayton, Ohio

Friday May 6th 3-7
Saturday May 7th 10-6
Sunday May 8th 11-5.

You can bring your books with you to the Booksale and we will give you trade credit for the ones we think we can use and we will recycle the rest.

Also… pro tip to any guys out there reading this.

Sunday is Mother's Day.

So do a thing for your mom.

Also… do a thing for your wife.

(I learned that one the hard way)

All weekend long we are giving a free book to moms that come into the Booksale.

No purchase required.

(The book must be valued at $3 or less… or you can pay the difference.)

If you aren’t local, or don’t want to come down to the warehouse, please make sure to donate your books to a thrift of some kind rather than put them in municipal recycling.

We are also having a 20% off sale now through Mother's Day on our entire online collection.

Click here to save 20% and see our selection now :)

Also... Moms get a free book just for coming in for this next sale. So, make sure and come on out and bring all the books you don't need anymore :)

I hope to see you there if you're local.. and if you aren't or if you'd prefer not to put on pants and leave the house, then shop online with us and save 20% here.


-Greg Murphy


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