I've got a Golden Ticket! I've got a golden chance to... get free books, and Fourth of July Savings!

Posted by Greg Murphy on

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Unless you’re vegetarian or vegan. We’ll have to get you some chick peas or maybe some jackfruit… something along those lines.

Maybe it’s best not to promise you guys dinner. How about we just give you what we said we were going to give you?

We drew three names from our fundraising auction to see who gets the three Golden Tickets to fill a bag totally free at our warehouse sale on August 7 & 8th!

Check out the video and see if you won! Winners, you’ll be hearing from us really soon with more details.

I also want to take this opportunity to let you know that our Fourth of July SALE is happening right now on our website.

Did any of you ever play lawn darts at 4th of July BBQs?

Something about throwing miniature spears at targets with your opponent standing right next to it doesn’t exactly scream “Kid-friendly!” to me, now that I’m a dad.

It’s probably best that we, as a society, switched to bean bags and Nerf guns.

Anyway, enter code “LAWNDARTS” (no quotes) at checkout to get 30% off all purchases now through this Friday (7/9), or click this link to shop now and have your code automatically applied at checkout.

Happy Independence Day everyone!

Thanks for all of your support. It means the world.



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