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Posted by Greg Murphy on

I don't make the rules. Moms do. From band aides to home cooking, it's the moms that make it happen more often than not.

If you are a mom, then you for sure deserve some extra love this weekend from all those you've given so much for.

If you aren't a mom, then you know a bunch, and you need to spread the love :)

So, I have an idea that probably won't surprise you.

I think it would be a good idea to treat yourself and all the moms you know in your life to an awesome booksale this weekend.

I might be burying the lead here, but check out the announcement below here:

Our next Booksale is Mother’s Day Weekend and all moms get a FREE BOOK just for showing up and saying hi.
3472 Successful Way in Dayton.
Friday May 6th 3-7
Saturday May 7th 10-6
Sunday May 8th 11-5

Don't forget that Friday we are open 3-7 and we are doing trade ins. So, make sure you bring the books you don't need anymore and if we can use them we will give you credit for new books you find :)

We are also having a 20% off sale now through Mother's Day on our entire online collection.

I hope to see you there if you're local.. and if you aren't or if you'd prefer not to put on pants and leave the house, then shop online with us and save 20% here.


-Greg Murphy

P.S. We really appreciate all of your support.


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