My Daughter Works for Chicken Nuggets

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Hey guys,

If you are local and were able to make it out to the sale this past weekend, we really appreciate it. One of the things you might have seen while you were there is a nine year old girl named Sydney who looks a lot like me.

This young lady decided she wanted to help out by greeting customers.

Now, greeting customers is a very important part of what we do.

I take it very seriously.

You might be surprised at how much money goes into getting folks that don’t know who we are yet to actually show up to a booksale.

So the first question we always ask when we greet folks is whether they have been out to the sale before.

If they say yes, then we welcome them back.

If they say no, then we have a little map of the warehouse to give them and I have a lame bit that sometimes gets a laugh about the rolling bins we have if folks feel optimistic.

I say all that to say that we don’t fool around. And my daughter Sydney knows this.

So she wrote down the whole spiel and tried it out on customers.

She was a hit!

They ate it up.

With her cute braids and bright blue eyes.

I told her once she can reliably make change, count up the book totals, and actually reach the register, I’d like her to drop out of the fourth grade to help out.

Unfortunately, she refused. Some poppycock about education being important to her future or some other such nonsense.

The good news for me is that the sale is only open on Saturday and Sunday so the joke is on her.

In all seriousness I want to thank those of you that were so kind to Syd this past weekend.

I’ve always asked her what kind of stuff she wants to sell when she grows up instead of what she wants to be.

I figure she will get enough of that traditional question from everyone else in the world.

Except it is normally our labor to an organization.

I want her, and all kids really, to at least realize that there are choices that don’t involve working towards someone else’s vision.

Anyway, this weekend we are doing 20% off the whole store as well as online!

At our online store you can click on this link or use the coupon code CHICKEN at checkout.

We have lots of new stuff available at the store this week and our cooking section in particular has a ton of new books in it this weekend along with our mass market pocketbooks.

There will also be a clearance section this weekend in the back of the shop to help us clear out our overstock. These books will be priced at $1-$2.

Lastly, please don’t forget about our trade in program. We need your books to make this place awesome!

So please bring in your stuff you don’t need anymore and we will make the fairest trade in offer you will ever get :)

Thanks so much, and we hope to see you this weekend.

-Greg Murphy


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