What the heck is a Storybag?

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This is a pretty good question, because we kind of just came up with the name for our product.

I’m a simple guy… and so we wanted to sell curated lots of books picked especially for the customer, or their loved ones.

Whenever we come up with new stuff like this, it’s always to figure out to serve people better.

We sell a lot of random book lots on our website and other e-commerce platforms, but we wanted to offer something unique and helpful.

One of my favorite things about my bookstore before we had to close that business at the end of 2019, was when my team could find the perfect book for a customer.

Maybe they came in looking for something else, and we didn’t have it.

Or maybe it would be for a son or a daughter.

But when we could comb through our massive collection of books and find just the perfect ones for them, we all got a kick out of it.

Storybags is our attempt to do that for folks all around the country.


It’s a really simple process.

1. Give us some money.

This is a pretty big part of the equation :) We have to pay the team, keep the lights on, and keep buying books to sort.

2. Fill out a quick survey after purchase.

After finalizing your purchase, you'll receive an email with a link to customize your Storybag. It only takes about 2 minutes, but the more thorough you are in what you like and dislike, the better your Storybag will be.

3. Wait eagerly by your door.

Our goal is to have your bag of books out the door within 48 hours of you filling out the survey.

We don’t work weekends, because we love our families as much as you love yours and want to spend time with them… but otherwise, 48 hours is the target.


And that’s it.

You’ll see in that list that there is nothing at all about putting on pants and driving to a bookstore.

You also don’t have to brave terrible recommendations from the Overmind algorithms from popular online stores either that may or may not be the first iteration of Big Brother from 1984.

So try it out. We also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We can’t promise you’ll love every book we send, because we don’t write books.

But if you aren’t satisfied overall with your purchase we promise to make it right or if we can’t do that we will issue a full refund… no questions asked.

You have nothing at all to lose and 10% of the sale goes to our literacy foundation.

Click here to check out our Storybags.

Thanks for your help :)

-Greg Murphy


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